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SAVE Crestal enables safe sinus lifting using specially designed reamer.

Surgical Procedure

SAVE Crestal is especially desinged for DENTIS Implant. Use the matrix below to prepare for surgery and
just make it simple.

Bone Expander

※ DENTIS surgical drills are used based on bone density and the height of residual bone after the reamer drill.


  • To use for perforation of sinus wall.
  • its conical design helps safe membrane lifting at drilling.
  • Recommended 800-1200RPM.
Bone Expander


It helps over perforation (3-12mm)

Bone Expander

Guide Drill

It forms guide hole making accurate point before using reamer.

Bone Expander

Diamond Reamer

  • It is used to cleanse residual soft tissues after extraction.
  • It also can be initial guide when bone is thin.
    (residual bone is too close to membrane)
  • Recommended 800-1200rpm
Bone Expander

Sensor Gauge

Check if siuns is perforated

Bone Expander

Depth Gauge

It is to use to measure depth of drilled hole

Bone Expander

Bone Syringe

It is used to scoop ground bone and graft

Bone Expander

Bone Packer

It is to push bone material into sinus

Bone Expander