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DENTIS Simple Guide System is cost-effective
compared with othe

  • - Free software
  • - Simple surgical tools
  • - ZENITH 3D Printing System

Simple Guide System is being conducted with only 11
surgical tools matching and drilling simply.

  • - Simple surgical kit
  • - Simple process
  • - Simple drilling protocol

Simple Guide System applies the Open-Sleeve
showing enhanced convenience and allowing
water-irrigation to prevent over-heating.

  • - Open sleeve
  • - Good irrigation

DENTIS Simple Guide Kit can be used with not only
DENTIS implant, but also every implant system in the world.

  • - All implant system
  • - Flap or flapless surgery

Description Gingival incision Temporary prosthetics Chair time Recovery period
Simple Guide No need CAD/CAM or
3D Printer
SHORT No need
implant surgery
Need Dental Laboratory LONG Need