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Excellence of Dentis Implants

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If you are meticulous in choosing implants,
Dentis Implant is your choice.

First, Dentis Implant has won Jang Young Sil Award

Implant “HAPTITE” developed from HA coating technology has won 24th week IR52 Jang Young Sil Award in 2011.
Jang Young Sil Award is South Korea’s most prestigious industrial technology award since 1991, co-sanctioned by Korea Industrial Technology Association and Maeil Business Newspaper and sponsored by Ministry of Education, Science.

Dentis Implant has won Jang Young Sil Award

Second, world-famous product used in about 70 countries over the world

세계적인 임플란트, Global DENTIS Implant

Third, Clean Implant, DENTIS Implant Clean System

  • Systemic automatized equipment and cutting-edge washing system of Dentis Co., Ltd is a model business example.
  • All Dentis Implant is sterilized 100% with Green Pia technology.
  • Cutting-edge cleaning system of Dentis Implant did not produce organic materials on the surface of manufactured implants.
  • Dentis Implant has proven to be non-toxic in cytotoxicity experiments.
DENTIS Implant Clean System

Fourth, Reliable implant that has been acknowledge for its outstanding technology and quality

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    천만불 수출탑, 장영실상, NPA 등..

Fifth, Implant that continues to make efforts in technological developments

Dentis Co., Ltd. continues to make efforts in technological developments through MOU with RIST, research institute specialized in commercialization established by POSCO in 1987 for the purpose of strengthening national technological powers.

[덴티스←mou체결→포스코산하,포항산업과학연구원,rist ], [포스코산하,포항산업과학연구원,rist→기술력제공→메디엠],[덴티스→제품관리,공정,검증process제공→메디엠]