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An ALL NEW DENTIS, Happy New Year 2020!
admin /2020-02-07 17:02:18


An ALL NEW DENTIS, Happy New Year 2020!


DENTIS introduced a new marketing slogan to establish new resolutions based on a stronger business plan for 2020.

2019 was a busy year for DENTIS, with numerous new products launched. DENTIS will not stop here, but will look to 2020 as the year of an “ALL NEW DENTIS,” with novel strategies and a vision for new resolutions. DENTIS – which is the only company with multi-dimensional business maps in the industry – will largely implement and release new businesses and products for more distinguished, dynamic marketing strategies.

New aspects of DENTIS for 2020 include changes in all areas including orthodontics, management, academics, astral lamps, digital, bio, and implants.

[1. Orthodontics] 

DENTIS has prepared for the orthodontics program for a number of years, focusing on clinical/academic research and educational academies for clear aligner orthodontics and digital orthodontics, with DICAO as the start. Now, DENTIS is officially launching the orthodontics program. 

There will be a professional organization on orthodontics encompassing software, as well as an academy for orthodontics.

[2. Management Academy] 

DENTIS will start a new management academy to provide solutions to dentists who are just beginning their careers. The academy will begin with the “Seminar for Successful Opening Suggested by DENTIS” in Seoul on February 1. The aim is to provide practical assistance in managing new 

dentists by offering professional, unique solutions.

The academy has prepared a curriculum that can serve as a direction toward a faster route for success, with minimal errors through actual examples from successful
dentists and professional in various fields.

[3. JCDD & GDIA] 

The clinical and academic sides of DENTIS look to grow significantly this year.

JCDD, a global online clinical journal founded in 2019 and GDIA, the Global Dental Implant Academy of DENTIS, will be increasing the number of clinical seminars and symposiums throughout the year. These will be held in Korea and internationally.

[4. NEW & NEW Products] 

DENTIS will be launching several new products this year. We will now be offering small-sized astral lamps for the first time by Luvis. New materials for ZENITH, our 3D printer, are in the works and Ovis will introduce new gel-type lines. There will be additions to our implant line as well, including fixtures, prosthetics, and kits.

We are excited for this year with the extensive lineups of innovative products that will be released.

New Year, New DENTIS! DENTIS has decided to go back to the fundamental asics of connecting with you and the customer.


다음글 다음글 DENTIS is now listed as a public company on the Korean Stock Market 2020-07-03
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