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A Multi-Center Retrospective Study of DENTIS Implant System


  • 707 consecutive patients at 3 different clinical locations were treated with 1429 DENTIS implants.
    All 3 different abutment connection types(internal supra-gingival connection type, i-Clean/submerged, bone level hex conical-taper internal connection type,

    - Age Distribution

  • s-Clean/external hex connection type, e-Clean) were utilized in this study based on operator decision for each case. Implant were placed at various locations throughout the maxilla and mandible according to the treatment plan, including delayed and immediate placements after extractions.

    - Recipients

  • Various bone grafting procedures were done, including sinus augmentation, when clinically necessary. Patients were recalled and clinically examined at regular intervals along with radiographs to monitor clinical progression and prosthetic serviceability and stability.

    - Anatomic Locations


  • Average time since implant placement were 26 months. Average time since delivery of prosthesis was 21 months. 27 implants out of 1429 implants had to be removed before delivery of definitive restorations for various clinical failure criteria, resulting in a failure rate of 1.9%. Cumulative survival rate was 98.1%.

    - DENTIS Implant Success Rate

  • Average age of the patient population was 52 years old at the time of implant placement surgery, while youngest patient was 16 years old and oldest patient was 87 years old. 52.7% of the patient population was female, while 47.3% was male. While maxillary molar region had the highest risk of failures anatomically,

    - Failures

  • diabetes and smoking were the highest medical condition risk factors. Prosthetic complication factors such as screw loosening, cemented crowns coming-off, and porcelain fractures affected 36 implants, resulting in 4.8% prosthetic complication rate for the 26 months of this study.

    - Failure Anatomic Sites


  • DENTIS implant system is found to be performing well in various clinical practice settings in this retrospective multicenter study. Cumulative success rate of 98.1%, as demonstrated in this study, compares favorably to most of the leading implant system in the market now. Same patient population will continue be followed up in coming years for further evaluation of DENTIS implant.

  • - Failure Details / Factors

  • - Prosthetic Complications