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Cleanlant Fixtur Tapered

  • 1 Platform switching

    • Platform switching helps to minimize bone loss that can reduce peak-stress and thereby preserve marginal bone.
    • Effective to establish a certain biological width of the peri-implant mucosa
    Platform switching
  • 2 Smooth shoulder

    • Smooth surfaced fixture shoulder helps immediate ensuring of insertion depth
    • Allowing easy bone profiling at 1st, 2nd surgery
  • 3 Optimal Fit Thread

    • Synchronized Optimal Fit thread prevents cortex absorption by distribution of bone stress
    • Higher initial stability by maximizing optimal sealing between cortical bone and fixture.
    Optimal Fit Thread
  • 4 Hermetic sealing

    • Hermetic sealing between fixture and abutment
      ensures even distribution of the load and minimizes
      the micro movement and marginal bone loss.
    Hermetic sealing
  • 5 Safe Cutting Edge

    • Reduction of bone stress, allowing smoother insertion
      Safe Cutting Edge

    6 Self tapping groove

    • Self tapping induction with a boosted up drilling capability
    • Allow space for bone chip, boosting fixation strength
      Self tapping groove
  • 7 Dome End

    • Less perforation possibility

    Tapered Design

    • Tapered load distribution may effective to get good primary stability
    • Less affection from adjacent teeth
    • Help Immediate ensuring of a path during surgery
    Dome End

    Optimum RBM surface

    • Optimised 1.3-1.8㎛ of roughness
    • 192% enhanced magnification than smooth surface.
    Optimum RBM surface

    Double Thread Design

    • Double Thread design will reduce chair time
    Double Thread Design